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Show a horse he can trust you to look out for him, and you have a willing partner who takes care of you. That is Protector Leadership, a new name for an old concept. We engage horses' innate intelligence, meet their emotional needs, and listen to what they have to say. In return they become cooperative partners who accept our rules and guidance.

My article 10 Famous Protector Leaders illustrates how powerful this approach can be. My book, "What Horses Really Want: Unlocking the Secrets to Trust, Cooperation, and Reliability", provides detailed instructions for being a Protector Leader starting the moment you first meet a horse. It also describes and cites the science that supports it.

Bronzz and Lynn
Bronzz and Lynn

Although I am a certified instructor and experienced trainer, I am always learning from my horses and from other people. My Resources section includes books and websites with great information from knowledgeable people who care about horses and their well-being.

I invite you to enjoy my articles, check out My Facebook Page, Instagram, and contact me with questions via facebook messenger or ljacton13736@gmail.com

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