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My mission is to advocate for horses, and try to understand their point of view. What matters to them? What motivates them? How can we communicate with them better? The answers to such questions help us stay safe, improve our horses' welfare, and pursue our own goals.

On this site I share a variety of my articles with science-based information illustrated by actual events that show how it applies in real life. My own horses, introduced in About Us, form an on-going cast of characters featured in my articles. My videos show Horse Agility courses that I use to build confidence and communication. MiniPosts are some of my more popular Facebook posts.

Bronzz and Lynn
Bronzz and Lynn

Although I am a certified instructor and experienced trainer, I am always learning from my horses and from other people. My Resources section includes books and websites with great information from knowledgeable people who care about horses and their well-being.

I invite you to enjoy my articles, check out My Facebook Page, and contact me with questions via facebook messenger or lynn@lynnacton.com

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